Monday, April 2, 2012

How to Make the Most of the Spring Career Fair

by Brian Almquist

Why attend the Spring Career Fair? To access approximately 100 employers in one location! The annual Spring Career Fair sponsored by Student Employment will be held on Wednesday, April 4th from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in the College Center of building 920. This is one of the largest employer fairs in the area each year. All students and graduates should make an effort to attend if possible. Even if you are not presently looking for employment, you will be able to speak with company representatives to prepare yourself once you are in the market for a career. The fair is also open to the public.

How to Make the Most of the Career Fair

·      Dress accordingly. Showing up in shorts and flip flops does not make a favorable impression. You are meeting with company representatives, dress to impress! Your first meeting could leave a lasting impression (good or bad). You do not necessarily have to wear a suit, but dress to look professional. Example: Males - consider khaki's and a nice polo shirt or dress shirt and pants. Females - consider slacks and a blouse.
·      Come alone. Do not bring family members. This is a professional event, not a family outing. If you have children, arrange for care. An employer sees someone with a stroller as someone who may have child care issues and would not be a safe hire.  It also presents the image that you are not a serious candidate if you cannot dedicate all of your focus on the recruiter.
·      Bring copies of your resume. Not all employers will accept a resume at the fair, but those that do will be impressed that you are prepared. It will also be a chance to get some feedback for future resume updating.
·      Have some questions prepared. Don't just wander around! Know what you want to ask employers ahead of time. Prepare some questions to ask before you go.
·      Do not discount any employer based on their name. Too often I hear that there were no employers who represented "_________" industry. Most companies hire many different occupations. Example: Roper hospital not only needs medical personnel, but also computer technicians, accountants, office staff, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians, and many others.

Attend the Spring Career Fair and make the most of your opportunity!

A list of registered employers is available on the Student Employment website and will be updated as they add more companies. You can find more information about the Career Fair and about employment in general at the blog Career Success:  Employment Help and Advice from Trident Technical College.  


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