Monday, April 16, 2012

What is Berkeley First?

The Breezeway at Berkeley Campus

By Zaneta Kennedy

College life is much different than life in high school or a G.E.D. program. For some, crossing over to higher learning can be a challenge. For Berkeley Campus students, the transition is made easier through Antonio Robinson, who organizes a program called Berkeley First.

Berkeley First is a program designed for Berkeley Campus students who are just starting out on their college journey. They receive personal attention and guidance that helps them transition smoothly to college and through their first year.

You may be wondering how, exactly, the Berkeley First program works. Well, in Berkeley First, college freshmen in the program benefit from Mentoring Opportunities, Career and Academic Counseling, and other workshops and seminars that promote overall student success.

The program takes place on Berkeley Campus every semester. Berkeley First requires academic checkups and counseling visits for all participants. This is to ensure that each student is on track toward meeting their academic goals. For more information, contact, Antonio Robinson at 899-8005.


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