Monday, November 5, 2012

Your Vote Counts Towards Your Education

by Chloe West

        The cost of college is constantly increasing from year to year, causing the debt and stress of paying for college to skyrocket. In fact, for the first time ever, student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt. In a society where most jobs require more than a high school diploma, the cost of college is extremely important. On November 6, 2012, your vote counts towards furthering your education. Both candidates offer sturdy plans for education, considering it is one of the most important topics of this election.

        Under the Obama Administration, the Pell Grant maximum was given a $905 dollar increase since 2008. The Administration also began the “Pay as You Earn” plan for income-based repayment in order to help students manage their student loan debt. Obama has also committed to keeping student loan interest rates as low as possible, keeping the subsidized Stafford loans at 3.4 percent when they were in danger of doubling to 6.8 percent. If allowed, in years to come, Obama plans to create a tax credit towards college education and wants to simplify the financial aid application process.
        On the opposite side of the spectrum, Mitt Romney also has his own plans towards higher education. Romney wants to provide easier access to affordable higher education options. He plans to simplify the financial aid system, such as focusing the Department of Education more on providing appropriate information about aid to families with financial need. Romney wants to welcome private sector participation in student loans and education and get rid of unnecessary regulations that only drive costs of tuition up.
        Whether your opinions, beliefs, and support go to the liberal or conservative side of the spectrum, it is important to vote towards keeping your education affordable and accessible. For your and my children and grandchildren, friends and family, it is our job to vote to maintain student loan debt, tuition costs, and financial aid accessibility. On November 6, every city will have multiple sites for you to cast your vote, so there is no excuse not to participate.

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